Feminine Website Design

This is one of my favorite kinds of requests… when your business is growing and your website needs some automation and strategy to keep up with you!

Project scope: redesign the website from 2015 and upgrade the branding to reflect her direction and the times. Remove Meetup and build events section, scheduling and payments into the website so everything is in one place and automated. Re-word and add buttons so that more people schedule online instead of email. Add slight animations so the page feels dynamic. Update business cards and print items.

Design discussion: Typeface selection is usually the most important part for all projects at SW33T. I spent a lot of time on type and color studies, even though we still planned to follow the pink and brown brand colors, we just want to add to it and give it a boost. Both handwritten and script-like typefaces were added to the the body and accent fonts, so that we still have the core feeling of the brand – the typefaces.

The colors stayed mostly the same but the browns are richer, the pinks have some texture, and the main content is framed as a “love note” – one of her signature terms. This also gives the page some white space and a feeling of calmness, while catering to a responsive design.

For the animations, a little bit goes a long way. The logo was re-drawn by hand so we could animate it in the header, and the background photo of the fairy dust slightly pulses from light to dark as time as spent on the page. Don’t miss the stars at the top – they’re enough to glisten but not overwhelm (or give someone motion sickness!) A slight shiny gradient is also revealed on button rollovers.

Visit the live sitehttps://elisainsight.com


She got down to business!

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