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You’ll love your graphics, because they’re handmade just for you.

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It takes guts to break the rules.

It also takes understanding the rules to break them.

Ever since I can remember, I’ve enjoyed designing things. Well, more like… obsessed. I always try to bring that excitement, confidence and love for what I do into your project. I don’t care what everyone else is doing – I care what you’re doing. People say that’s what makes me unique.

Let’s bring your ideas to life! I’ll take care of your project from blank canvas to completion. Or any steps in between. For the best examples of what I do, please browse my graphic design portfolio.

She has literally saved me thousands of dollars compared to other programs and agencies.

Dawn Gillespie – Golden Colorado

Respect the authori-tah.

Of your brand.

To have a graphic designer by your side means more than just creating a 1-time logo or advertisement. Your graphic designer is familiar with your brand inside and out, and takes care of anything visual related to it.

Sign shops make signs – we design them to brand standards. Promotional printers source swag – we design and typeset the imprint. Don’t leave the design up to someone who doesn’t know your brand. 

Need more marketing ideas? Design fundraising event collateral that makes your sponsors feel recognized and appreciated; create infographics to summarize reports and accomplishments. We can help you understand print shop lingo and choose appropriate paper stocks and label materials.

  • Annual reports
  • Catalog design
  • Event branding, including programs & guides
  • Social media graphics & promotions
  • Business cards & stationery
  • Product labels
  • Leave-behinds like brochures and tri-folds
  • Ads, billboards, bus shelter signage

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Bachelor of Fine Arts FTW

Capabilities include:

  • Professional logo design
  • Scalable, vector art designs
  • Brand development
  • Anything printed
  • Screen print, imprint & vinyl-ready vector files
  • Timely and reliable service
  • Project management and planning
  • Over 650 completed projects


Let's save the world from lame graphics.

So by now you’re wondering “how do you do all of that?” A graphic designer is trained to create incredible things out of thin air. That’s hard to wrap your head around. We go about this by doing research, defining scope and direction, setting a mood with color and typography, designing and sketching concepts, and bringing on a complete brand strategy. You can’t get that from clipart!

Whether you’re starting from scratch or looking for a redesign, getting started is easy. After filling a quick project request form, I’ll schedule a free consultation to learn your goals and see if we’re a match. I’ll give you a custom bid, and once accepted, we’ll launch right into my handmade design process.

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Reality check.

Does your graphic designer have your back?

We see these mistakes all the time.

  • Most popular: You don’t have scalable vector files for any of your graphics.
  • Your free download to introduce people to your business is 16MB.
  • Your brand doesn’t stop people in their tracks.
  • Your marketing materials don’t convert.
  • There are photos of people on your website that don’t work for your company.
  • Your promotional handouts don’t look like they belong to your brand.

Are you taking risky shortcuts in your business?

  • Crowdsourcing and cheap online out-of-the-country designers can work for $5 because they’re using clipart.
  • When you hire a website designer who “specializes in your field,” you’re probably getting an expensive template.
  • If you think using a do-it-yourself template will save you time and money, keep track of your hours. Bonus: Let me know what you come up with!

Do you know what you have now?

  • If you are running analytics, do you know how to interpret the data?
  • Are you ranking in the top 20 on Google search results?
  • Do you know what the people you’re pay monthly are actually doing? I can help you ask them!
  • Are you overpaying for hosting? (Hint: Probably!)