Hi, I'm Sarah Jacobs!

I like camping, shopping, and roasted goose.

But what does that have to do with you?

Absolutely nothing. You don’t want to read about me in every paragraph on this site, you want to know that whatever we create is going to make you successful. I make you the hero of each project – your business, your goals.

Because you asked, I’ll mention it. I understand if you want to know more, I would too. Please read on…

Sarah sets the standard in graphic design by not following the pack. Refreshing.

Todd in Arvada – Colchin Automotive

My Design Background

Wanting to gain experience, I set a goal in high school to work in the creative field every chance I could – starting with a senior co-op in 1996, where I designed embroidered patches. Not only did I get to leave school early to go and work, I also got paid! Score! Throughout most of my college years, I worked for the school newspaperThe Eastern Echo. From production director to web designer, I began to master the skills I needed to land an internship at a software company in Ann Arbor. There, I designed software interfaces, the company website, instruction manuals, print materials – and gained a few years of experience in carrying out a company brand. And learned first-hand that I completely loved helping people brand and market their business.

Upon graduating college, I was hired as a professional graphic and interactive designer tasked with designing and developing websites, branding, and digital presentations, mostly for the Detroit automotive industry. Spring of 2002 sent me out west to follow my dreams.

Sarah Jacobs - Arvada Colorado

Fast-Forward Some

Since then, I’ve added lots of experience to my resume. Custom WordPress theme design, tons of experience with CSS, print projects, direct mail, event graphics, sign design and production, packaging design, project management, technical illustrations, copywriting, and years of freelance have proved that there is little limit to what I wanted to learn and experience. It meant that I didn’t have to outsource these services when managing a project!

In 2006 and 2008, I was a recipient of the American Graphic Design Award from Graphic Design USA. My activities and jeep site were featured in many magazines including Jeep Owners Magazine, JP, Petersen’s 4Wheel  & Offroad, Offroad Adventures by 4 Wheel Parts – and newspapers including the Los Angeles Times, the Daily Press, and the Golden Transcript (see slideshow). Also, a featured interview with WordPress’s CodePoet.

These days I’m “halfway back” – living in Arvada Colorado with my husband and toy fox terrier.

Community Involvement

I enjoy applying my skills to serving the community and life around me. In 2005, I started an online jeep club which has since volunteered over 10,000 registered hours with the National Forest Service. I’ve helped many freedom-loving candidates for office with their websites, branding, and graphics, and I too was elected to political party office and appointed to be a state delegate in 2010 and 2012; county committee (PC & DC) in 2016 and still am to this day.

I sponsored the “Stouts and Stories, Ales & Tales” event by the Jefferson County Library Foundation in 2018, by donating the beer passport design and layout files for print and event signage.

In 2012, I sponsored WordCamp San Diego by donating branding and design elements including the conference event signs, shirts, badges and other print materials for the sold-out event.

I’ve also judged two children’s art fairs, and donated or discounted hundreds of hours to local clubs, churches, and networking groups to help establish their brand and online presence.