Hi, I’m Sarah!

Since childhood, I’ve always had a passion for making stuff. I’ve professionally completed over 640 projects.

About Sarah – Education

With a double major in fine arts (with a concentration in graphic design) and language, Sarah earned her BFA in April 2000 from Eastern Michigan University, in Ypsilanti, Michigan.

Work History

Sarah has worked in the creative field since her high school senior co-op in 1996, where she designed embroidered patches. Throughout most of her college years, she worked for the school newspaper, The Eastern Echo. From ‘production director’ to ‘web designer,’ she built the skills she needed to land an internship at a software company in Ann Arbor. There, she designed software interfaces, the company website, instruction manuals, print materials – and gained a few years of experience in carrying out a company brand.

Upon graduating college, Sarah worked as a graphic designer, building websites, branding and presentations. Spring of 2002 sent her out west to follow her dreams.

Since then, she’s added much experience to her resume. Custom WordPress theme design, tons of experience with CSS, print projects, direct mail, event graphics, sign design and production, packaging design, project management, technical illustrations, copywriting, and years of freelance have proved that there is little limit to Sarah’s creative learning capabilities.

Community Involvement

Sarah enjoys applying her skills to the community and life around her. In 2005, she started an online jeep club which has since volunteered over 10,000 registered hours with the National Forest Service. She has helped many political candidates with their websites, branding, and graphics, and she was elected to political party office and appointed to be a state delegate in 2010 and 2012; county committee (PC & DC) in 2016 and still is to this day. She was the branding sponsor for WordCamp San Diego in 2012, where she designed the conference signs, shirts, badges and other print materials for the sold-out event. She has also judged two children’s art fairs, and donated hundreds of hours to local clubs, churches, and networking groups to establish their brand and online presence.


Proficient in major graphics and interactive applications including:

Thank you for being such a pleasure to work with.

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