Spicy Packaging Design

“I want a Texas star, give it some flames, and make it awesome.” This lighthearted logo and product label not only lived up to the client’s request, but went a step further. A strong, manly title is paired with a more rustic, writing-style font for a handmade feel. The coordinating serif for the ingredient list reminds us that we’re back to business with clean eating.

Set on a star background, the logo breaks through the boundaries for visual impact on the product packaging. The semi-nondescript animal is added to keep the mark lighthearted and fun. The spice tags may be printed separately to indicate the level of spiciness – and all are set up to be ink jet printed and cut on demand with the Silhouette Cameo cutter.


Sarah keeps it simple…. she listens to what you want, she makes it about you and designs something that is for YOU and only YOU. The quality and creativity are top notch.

Jeff Jones – Jones Integrated Wellness