Websites for Carpet Cleaners

After running the business for over a decade, this carpet cleaning business needed some clear branding and messaging.

After a scoping meeting and interview, we developed a clear message through copywriting, along with a look and feel that’s simple, professional and clean. Blue hues represent the calm serenity that clients feel after their home is refreshed and looking brand new. Subtle background textures mimic the lines in the carpet after it’s cleaned. View the site here!

Project deliverables: Mobile-first website design, custom WordPress theme, copywriting, hosting setup, SSL implementation.

Client wanted: To showcase their services, to highlight their commitment to the customer.

Design discussion: Shades of blue, a modern typeface, and peaceful photos create a calm, fresh, trusting look and feel. Subtle background line textures mimic the perfectly clean, fresh lines left in the carpet. The content is organized, quick to read, and drives the user to call.

This custom WordPress theme is optimized for mobile screens and phones, to target Facebook marketing and referrals.

My website is beautiful, simple and elegant, and I’m proud of it.

Cassy Huidobro in Colorado – Branding & Website Design