Ice Cream Shop Website Design

Custom Website Design & WordPress Theme, Franchise Logo Branding

Client wanted: to take the existing franchise brand and make it their own, but not straying too far that it felt disconnected. To design and develop a website that told their unique story.

Overall design discussion: Our blocky, trendy layout has a family-friendly, modern “mom and pop shop” vibe that aims to showcase their use of home made, natural ingredients. We softened the colors from the original and added dots of varying sizes and wavy lines reminiscent of sprinkles or toppings. The variety of flavors is a big deal, so the flavors page is easy to publish and un-publish flavors, add photos and tag for special diets.

Live website:

Logo and Branding: The franchise allows their stores to adopt their logo as they wish. The left shows the original, and the right shows our personalization – keeping the basic identifying elements and softening the colors. I also designed a Colorado version and a various branding graphics for the store. So fun!

personalization for Castle Rock
Colorado version of the logo design
wall branding graphic

Sarah is the best! Great design backed by expert know-how on how to make it all work online!

Kurt Frehner – Chicago