Postcard Mailer Design

Project scope: A double sided postcard to mail to potential clients

Client wanted: Something simple and stylish, with a focus on space, organization. A design that gives the photos scale and purpose.

Design discussion: Our key photo is slightly layered to give it a magazine-style look. A faded background gradient helps the white letters stand out beg to be read. The somewhat intricate typeface has a uniqueness about it, and the lowercase g’s help form some rhythm in reading the first line. The script typeface contrasts the sans-serif, putting the word “valuable” into the setting (thereby making this house look more valuable), while encouraging you to turn the card over. Every design element pays special attention to placement and detail combined with an overall look that’s simple and stylish.

She thinks outside the box and comes up with fresh new ideas to visually represent your brand.

Barry Donovan – Visible Digital Solutions LLC