Car and Motorcycle Trailer Company Website Design

A local Arvada trailer manufacturer needed a polished look that SquareSpace just couldn’t give them.

Overall site goals

Update and redesign the SquareSpace website to a custom WordPress theme; To clarify the message and organize the information to be convincing – so that we get people to say “wow,” show great value for the price; raise buyer’s confidence, show the value, and convert visitors to buyers; increase brand awareness and build opportunities for a brand following; create multiple ways to engage customers.

Design discussion

Using the existing logo colors, I focused heavily on our photographer’s clear photos to show the product in various forms – solo, lifestyle, towing, and loading. (If you were ever wondering if it’s worth it to hire a professional – YES!) Paired with a blocky yet timeless, super legible typeface to carry out the brand – we create a look that is strong enough to be recognizable across mediums including print and social media.

Overall the layout is simple because we’re saying that the trailer is simple and easy to use, so that is the #1 thing that has to match to be most convincing. Alternating text and photos, and selecting photos that match the text for each section helps the reader to quickly digest and retain the information. I kept the paragraphs short and the features bulleted for quick reading or skimming.

A major layout change from the previous website – the trailer model section is contained to make it clear that there’s only 3 models from which to choose – with emphasis on size as the deciding factor. The models page repeats this layout but adds pricing, followed by features, options, shipping and specifications.

Here’s a before (on the right) and after (on the left):

Website Homepage Design by SW33T
website redesign from squarespace
Original, SquareSpace website design

She has literally saved me thousands of dollars compared to other programs and agencies.

Dawn Gillespie – Golden Colorado