Social Media Event Promotion

Picture this. I’m sitting in my client’s office…

…she talks for a half hour about a symposium she’s hosting at a national event in Chicago. It’s the first time ever, in this male-dominated industry, that anyone is brave enough to host an all-woman panel of speakers. And not just women speakers, but super smart, women experts in their field, many surpassing the men’s qualifications. The topic is dentistry. The title is Oral Architects. So what do I do? Start gathering assets.

Architects and Chicago make me think of the tall buildings. Lots of contrast can help show off white teeth, the topic, and can also give it an exciting look. Pairing with the fonts I had already chosen for the website design: the brand colors, and headshots of the speakers, I put together this ad for social media.

The message is communicated – here’s the proof: these women, are in Chicago, talking about technology, showing off beautiful smiles (dentistry) and brought together with the logo, fonts, and color (the brand) it’s recognized as Smile Line.

Thank you for being such a pleasure to work with.

Billy in N.C. – Government Project