Law Firm Website Design

This law firm needed a traditional, yet flexible solution for a website design. WordPress is always a great fit for small businesses because after the theme is completed, many text-based edits or expansions can be made by someone within the company.

The final product is a custom site design and responsive WordPress theme showcasing their straightforward approach to business. While the fonts compliment the existing logo, they also feature interestingly-shaped serifs which I think give them a friendly, inviting, and personalized feel. With a focus on font choice, the supporting graphics can be minimalistic, ensuring quick download times.

Keeping with a traditional, professional appearance, the white background with dark gray text shows the user a familiar layout for web design, allowing them to quickly get to what they’re looking to find. I also photographed the mountains for the header from a small plane.


Nailed it! Sarah, you listen so well that you created the essence of ME in pixels and code form.

Kim in Arvada – Branding Design