Website Design for Bookkeepers

Project Deliverables: Branding, logo, custom design & WordPress theme, business cards, custom jar grippers, flyers

Client wanted: Simple, organized, professional but not boring, a touch of “quickbooks” feeling, with a push-and-pull play on a solid “bookkeeping” look and an organic healthy look.

Design Discussion: A serious, clean sans-serif is paired with a handwritten typeface for maximum contrast, to bring in the organic feel that we’re after. Throughout the page, we play with the back and forth of this idea to say that we’re strict about our books, yet continually personalizing it.

bookkeepers quickbooks web design

Sarah keeps it simpleā€¦. she listens to what you want, she makes it about you and designs something that is for YOU and only YOU. The quality and creativity are top notch.

Jeff Jones – Jones Integrated Wellness